CS 240 | The Versatile Climbing Scaffold

The CS 240 climbing scaffold is a versatile climbing scaffold for a variety of building situations and no need for a crane. The CS 240 H has a maximum tensile load of 90 kN/m².

CS 240 climbing scaffold is suitable both as a support frame for single sided wall forms and as a working and protective scaffold. The wall forms combine with the bracket scaffold to yield complete, crane-liftable units. A tipping device is also available so that the formwork folds back.

Inexpensive preassembly service

If desired, we can handle the preassembly of the main and trailing platforms to your specifications. This way, you not only save on labor but also reduce the volume of items transported and the space for assembly and interim storage on the construction site.

CS 240 climbing scaffold at a glance

  • Formwork heights up to 17 ft (distance between brackets 8 ft)
  • Wall inclinations of +30 degrees
  • Application heights exceeding 328 ft, depending on scaffold width

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