Hi-Flyer® can enable contractors to complete floors at a blazing rate of 1floor every 3 days (on average).

The Aluma Hi-FlyerÆ is a superior column-hung system designed for creating large tables - up to 30í wide by 80í long. This updated system is tailor-made for multi-use or high-rise buildings with regular floor plans and bay sizes with large spans between columns. It can be easily assembled by a small crew of skilled workers.

Product Advantages:

Large trusses can be set to accommodate
bay widths up to 31 ft

Mechanically actuated overhang system supports cantilevered slab areas and walkways

Large tables can be moved easily with roller or dolly components 

Offsite pre-assembly of major components,
reduces job site assembly time

High capacity jacks direct all vertical loads into building columns, eliminating reshore